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Extrusion parts

Air ,petrol, diesel,& steering wheel hydraulic hoses,

solid O-ring, car door seals(gaskets) heavy duty & sedan automobile complicated profiles (————–) door seals(gaskets), 2layer /multilayer hoses, carcassed hoses & several types of heating / radiator hoses.

Facilities & Machineries

Molding: efficient in designing & manufacturing molds by NC , CNC,boring NC, magnetic stone (——) lathing machine, sharpening tools, Radial drill & etc.

Mixing facilities

Benbori machineries with 80 & 90 liter for mixing purposes up to 200tons per month capacities.

 Pressing parts manufacturing facilities

French & German made injection press machines, different capacities & sizes hydraulic presses machines . calendar machine to smoothen the rubber & producing variety diaphragms and De-flashing machine to de-burr the parts.

 Extruder lines in different sizes to produce variety parts.

 Autoclave & LCM lines to anneal the parts

 Packing & printing machineries

Shrink pack machine to pack & vacuum the parts, jet printer machine to fully automatically print the logo, batch No.& track No. of the products .

 Laboratory equipment

this company is capable of performing variety physical & dynamic tests specifically for rubber as well as metal to rubber parts. The laboratory in our company is a reliable reference source for variety tests offering services to organizations and clients.

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تهران، کوی نصر ( گیشا ) خیابان پانزدهم ، پلاک ۹ ، طبقه سوم ، واحد ۹

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